Our Law Firm provides real estate legal advice for both companies and individuals during the purchasing process. Our property lawyers will ensure to grant the maximum guarantees by doing the proper due diligence, drafting of the contracts, obtaining the necessary licenses at the Council and defending your interests throughout the whole transaction.

Our lawyers will carry out the Due Diligence of the property, which includes contacting the Real Estate agent involved and request all the necessary documents to verify that all is compliant. If necessary we shall obtain additional documents like Nota Simple, Certificado de Inexistencia de Infracciones Urbanisticas, etc. required from the Property Registry or the Town Hall.

Our lawyers will coordinate and assist on the completion, if you cannot attend the day of the completion due to commitments, our lawyers will ensure to draft the necessary power of attorney, to be able to act on your behalf on the day of the signing of the purchase or sale deed.

Filing of Property Transfer Tax

You won’t have any tax or paperwork concerns. We will handle the paperwork related to the purchase or sale related taxes that are applicable in each case, like the Property Transfer Tax etc. Furthermore, we will assess your situation so as to optimize all the taxes related to buying/selling the property.