Family Law
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Family Law

If you are  facing family law related matters such as divorce in Spain, you should definitely consider consulting an attorney. Avoid getting lost in the complexities of the spanish legal system. People who decide to hire a lawyer to represent and advise them  in these difficult and stressful situations have in general a much easier time in resolving the matter and are  often more successful.

Family Law issues are much more sensitive and delicate than other legal situations and when you need legal counsel, it is very important that your attorney is in tune with your needs.  It will be crucial that you have a strong legal support system with your best interests in mind.

Whether you are undergoing an uncontested divorce or need to go to court to resolve your case, an attorney can provide you with valuable support, guidance and legal representation every step of the way.

Also Family law is a complicated subject, and it is in your best interest to retain an attorney who can represent you in negotiations and in court, resolving the legal complexities, so you can focus on getting your family in order and preparing yourself for a new stage in your life.

Estate Planning

If a part of your estate is located in Spain you should consider the importance of a Last Will and Testament.

With a proper estate planning, by making a will you are in a position to decide and instruct how your assets will be assigned and dealt with after your death.

Ironically many young couples with children tend to hire life insurance but few have a will. The simple though of anything happening to one parent but not to the other lays in the back of everyone´s mind. It is unpleasant to think about, but unless you know something we do not, you will eventually pass away, and you should plan for it by writing your Will or Testament.

If you die without leaving a valid will, your assets will be distributed in accordance to the Law of Instate Succession and the general rules will be applied

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