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Corporate Law

Are you thinking about starting a business in Spain?

Perhaps you already have a  business and are in need of a comprehensive business plan? You may be an entrepreneur just starting out with legal questions and concerns as to how to go about conducting business in Spain. Or you may need assistance with the legal issues that arise from the day-to-day activities of owning, running, or managing a business in Spain.

In today´s challenging economy, no business owner should be without a comprehensive business plan and a competent business attorney to advise them about strategy and spanish legal issues.

Our clients range from individual entrepreneurs and start-up business to large corporations and institutions.

We give clear and practical advice, no matter how complex the issues, in a timely manner and provide effective project management. We focus on developing good enduring relationships with clients.

How to set up your business in Spain

We offer a full company formation service for investors from abroad as well as spanish residents.

The  foreign investor interested in establishing a business in Spain, has several alternatives, such as the incorporation of a company or a branch, or through a joint venture with other companies already established in the country.   Another way of conducting business but without the physical presence are through Distribution, Agency, Commission and Franchising agreements.

The most common forms of legal entities are limited liability company ( Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada, S.L.)  and corporation (Sociedad Anónima, S.A).

Incorporating a company in Spain can be a complex and bureaucratic process in comparison to other European countries.  After formation we also provide a full range of spanish tax and accounting services.

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