Enforcing a judgement in Spain
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If you have a judgment or court order from your country against anyone residing in Spain, our Law Firm can process the enforcement of your foreign judgement in the Spanish Courts.

This proceedings will be done in accordance to the European Union Regulations allowing us to act quickly against the debtor.

To act in Spain against the debtor you only need the original court order or judgment that you want to enforce and for EU state members you just need the certificate from the court that issued the court order proving the legality of the court order or judgment according to the European Regulations.

Once we have started the proceedings here in Spain, the assets of the debtor will be seized immediately. This proceedings has been carried out successfully many times by this Law Firm so do not hesitate to consult us should you have a court order against a company or person residing  in Spain.

Once you send us the relevant documentation we will study the solvency of the debtor and inform you of the possibility to collect the debt.


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