Being a Self-employed might seem really difficult, but before you have to take a step, you have to know what processes you have to follow and what obligations it entails.

Who can be self-employed in Spain?

In Spain, any natural person, of legal age and with the legal capacity to contract, can be self-employed. It doesn’t matter if you are Spanish or foreign, as long as you meet the legal requirements to work in the country.

Being self-employed in Spain is simple, in fact here you can see that the process is quite easy.

Once registered, you have to start dealing with certain tax responsibilities, paying fees and more. We are going to explain all of this with the most up-to-date information so you know exactly what it is like to work on your own in this country.

What does it mean to be self-employed in Spain?

It is what defines a self-employed worker, who is responsible for his own activity, deals directly with his clients and provides them with a service and/or products. This involves contributing and declaring a series of taxes that an employed worker would not have to face.

Requirements to be self-employed in Spain.

They are quite simple:

How much do you pay as a freelancer fee to be self-employed?

Paying the self-employed fee depends on many things. Until 2023, it only depended on the contribution base on the self-employed person themselves chose. But starting in January 2023, the self-employed fees depend on the actual income they have.

The minimum fee paid is €230 and the maximum is €1,267 per month. Both cases depend on how much real money is earned month by month and the contribution base that the self-employed person has chosen.

How can I do all these procedures in a faster, more comfortable and easier way?

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