Shelf Company
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In some cases, time is of the essence, and a shelf company can be the best answer to your needs.

A company formation takes its time and there are certain procedures that cannot be avoided. In Spain, company incorporation usually takes up to a month. Sometimes this process needs to be expedited.

With the current rapid-growth markets and business opportunities cannot wait, we need to move fast and efficiently.

Our mercantile system is not the most agile one, neither our Public Administration. Therefore, to incorporate a company, you have to submit various paperwork, in several public entities, which are not coordinated amongst them, and they lack of a collaborative disposition. May be due to the lack of personnel,  because they do not have enough knowledge of the matter or due to workload.

Through these already incorporated companies we have artificially but effectively achieved to expedite the incorporation process thus providing a solution to the final consumer.

Why should you wait when there is the option to buy an already set up company? All you need to do is change its ownership.

These companies are debt free and they come with a certificate of inactivity as a guarantee of problem-free company.

Prices vary depending on the date when the company was formed. The older the company, the higher the price.

Depending on the type of business you wish to carry out, either the S.L or the S.A will be more suitable for your business objectives.

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