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If you wish to buy a car, a property, work or set up a business in Spain, then you need to apply for a Foreigner Identification Number, called N.I.E (Número de Identificación de Extranjero) which serves as a Tax identification number.

You will need the NIE number to deal with the Spanish administration or authorities.

It is the first step you should take prior to buying a property, apply for a work position or set up a company.

The application process must be done in person, however the current regulation allow the applicants to be represented by a power of attorney.

Our law firm offers the NIE Application process service which allows our clients to avoid travelling to Spain twice, thus saving money and time. The process is simple,  the client grants a specific POA to be represented by one of our lawyers in the NIE application process, once the POA is notarized and legalized, it is sent to us and in 2 weeks time the NIE number is sent to you.

Most people often ask us how does the NIE look?

Does it look like an ID card? Even though, it is essential in order to start any kind of activity in Spain, such as study, work, purchase assets over €3,000 or set up a Company. The looks of this document is quite simple, it is issued in an A4 piece of paper with a stamp of the Ministry of Interior, it contains details such as your name, date of birth, and your nationality, as well as the assigned number. Nevertheless, the application process can be extremely exhausting for non-spanish as most public servants do not speak english and are very impatient when it comes to explain how to fill in the forms and what type of documentation to provide, besides the long queues to be assigned a date to submit your application.

Some foreigners get frustrated during this application process either because they find themselves lost in translations or because they are obliged to go several times to the National Police Station to submit the NIE request as there is always a document missing.

We offer our clients a solution to bypass this nuisance, providing an efficient and fast service, which resolves their problems.

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