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If you or a loved one passes away leaving no will or estate plan, your family will most likely be faced with an expensive and time-consuming probate process in Spain.

Also without proper tax planning, your family and beneficiaries may needlessly incur in estate taxes, that can be avoidable with proper planification. By putting in place a solid and comprehensive estate plan, you can help to craate a smooth transition for your heirs.

Spanish inheritance tax applies in the majority of cases and the amount of tax to pay depends on different factors, such as:

  • Value of the estate
  • Your relationship to the deceased
  • Your resident or non-resident status
  • Region or autonomous community in Spain where the property is situated in (residents).

You must also pay Inheritance tax on money held in bank accounts in Spain, vehicles and any other assets that may be inherited (shares in companies, etc.)

The tax must be paid within a 6 months time frame, after this time, fines for late payments are applied. Past those 6 months window an extra 5% is applied for every 3 months up to a maximum charge of 20%.

We recommend our clients to make a separate will for their assets in Spain. Our lawyers will draft your spanish
will taking into consideration the location of the assets.

Even though a will made in your home country can cover your assets located in Spain and abroad, not having a will in Spain will signify that the High Court of Justice, an Official Translator, the Office of Foreign Affairs and Lawyers will have to be involved before the inheritance can be sorted out. Thus complicating the process.

Why making a will in Spain?

  1. It´s easier for your inheritors
  2. Reducing the inheritance tax to a minimum
  3. Making sure your heirs get the benefit
  4. The inheritance proceedings will be more economic for your loved ones

We will support and advice you with the inheritance procedures in Spain

  • Taking care of everything on your behalf
  • Wherever your Spanish property is located
  • There is no need to travel to Spain


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