Company Formation
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The foreign investor can invest in Spain by:

  • Opening a local Branch, Subsidiary or Representative Office . Foreign companies can set up a branch structure in the country. These can be set up as different entities from the parent company ( for instance, a company in Spain which has a foreign company as shareholder) or extensions of that parent-company in Spain.
  • Incorporating a spanish company, the most traditional being, limited liability company also known as S.L. ( Sociedad Limitada)
  • Partnering with other companies already established in Spain: Joint ventures are a common form of start-ups in Spain, allowing members to share risks and pool resources and expertise. Spanish law regulates the different types of joint venture.

Nonetheless,  the creation of a new entity or partner with existing establishments, is not the only way to invest in the country. You can enter the spanish market without having to physically set up an operations hub in Spain, this can be done by signing distribution agreements,  operating through an agent, a broker or by establishing a franchise.

Spanish companies are excellent to reduce Wealth and Income Tax as well as Inheritance tax.


Legal Service of Company Incorporation


Our service includes fiscal and legal advise about the most appropriate legal structure for your business, considering details such as size of the company, the amount of shareholders, the business objective, as well as other matters that might impact on the associated taxes.

Our Law firm will handle all the necessary steps for the company formation, such as:

  • Request of Certification stating that the company name you have selected is not being used.
  • Application for C.I.F. number  or Fiscal Company Identification Number in the Tax Agency.
  • Draft of the company statutes
  • A lawyer will assist to the Notary Public when the deeds of incorporation are signed or he/she will sign on the client´s behalf through a power of attorney.
  • Filling in the forms to pay the company taxes which are 1% of the initial company capital (Impuesto sobre Operaciones Societarias)
  • Company Registration at the Mercantile Registry


Taxes, Notary and Mercantile Registry fees are paid separately from our fees

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